Saturday, July 8, 2017

JT Foxx – the human launching pad 

For many years, I worked in corporate America.  Sure, the job was a good one. My friends were envious of the great “job” that I had and the rewards that came with it.  I received a certain level of satisfaction in my work and made good money while receiving wonderful benefits.   I was also very successful at it while receiving numerous awards. In most cases, the story would end here. I would live happily ever after.  A life-long company man.  Not me however.

I have had a burning desire inside for several years, and one that had grown with intensity over the last several years.  This desire was to grow, to lead, to teach, to share the message that I know to be true in business and in personal relationships. I had figured out a secret to success but had a limited audience to share it with. I have been able to prove my skills and abilities within the confines of the organization in which I existed. Over time I became restless however and knew there was something greater in store for me. Year after year went by with me performing great.  “Great” wasn’t enough for me. Along the way, I wrote a book about one of the fundamental keys to success, but because of the restrictions around me ( job), I wasn’t able to spread the word, teach, share and put into the world the success that I can bring to others.  Upon the release of the book a year ago, I knew what my real desire was.  It hit me like a ton of bricks This desire was to become a difference maker. I was already an author but I didn’t but didn’t take the message to the world directly from the source – ME.  How do I do this?  How will I get there? 

                                           SOMEONE, SEND ME AN ANGEL!

I always notice effective messaging.  So JT Foxx is going to be in my town, and just months after I decided to take a chance on me. Hmmmmm.  Interesting.  Sure, I had been writing and creating content and giving local talks, but I have been needing real guidance, real opportunity, and real know how.  My message needs to get out there because I can show others how to create success, as I did for myself in my job, but not for my own self and not for me being in control of my own life. 

It was a Monday.  It was warm and sunny day.  For some reason, I just felt good from the start.  The room was full of people and with anticipation.  What would this JT Foxx guy say to us?  What would he say to me? Is this really the right place for me? “Come on, these guys are always full of hype but no real punch.  Nothing tangible for me. This is just another bubble waiting to be burst.  Same story, different day. Just more snake oil to be sold”.  Typical "negative Nellie".  
                                                             Not exactly.   

JT Foxx told us the truth.  JT Foxx didn’t sugar-coat it.  JT Foxx didn’t care about being liked that day.  JT Foxx wanted to tell us how it really is and what we really needed to know.  So many try to inspire and so many want to be inspired.  The two rarely match-up in a long-term lasting relationship.  But it can happen.  It did happen.  I heard the message. Most of us were listening (I think) but not everyone heard it. I did.  JT is spot on when he talks about taking action.  Most of us want to, so we think, but few of us do. JT is also right in that people don’t care about my story.  Sure, folks will admit that it’s unfortunate that my career was swept out from under my feet, but people want to really know how it benefits them and how my story can help them.  JT’s mission isn’t to win the “smooth-talker” award, his mission is to be real.  He has no time for excuses.  We do however, and that’s why he’s where he is and so many are where they are.  I haven’t experienced the kind of authenticity that JT Foxx demonstrated that day.  I was an instant believer.  Now I just needed a plan. 

                                                    The Man with the Plan

Soon after lunch that day and the session began, I didn’t just decide it was my time, I knew it was my time.  JT Foxx has plans.  He has plans for all of us.  All of us who are ready to take action.  I took rapid action for the first time.  Was I nervous?  Yes.  But I was excited.  The decision was made.  JT Foxx made it clear to me, as if I were the only attendee in the room, that my excuses and inaction, would only leave me in the same place…and likely back in a similar job…still dreaming of what could be. It was time to bet on ME.  As a result, I will be a coach.  I will be a speaker.  I’ll be a damn good coach and speaker!  I will be coached by the JT Foxx organization.  I will be speaking at the Family Reunion. I will be on the path to success.  I will represent the JT Foxx organization well.  Is JT my prophet? Well, come on now.  Well, maybe.  Hey, why not? One thing’s for sure, I was given the swift kick in the butt I needed.  JT’s dose of reality should be taken with a full glass of water – for better absorption.

                                               So What happened?  
I went to JT’s house.  I learned why what I was doing wasn’t effective.  I learned what would be more effective. I met successful people.  I learned my next steps. All of this, plus I had a great time!  The Top 1% program was a full 3 days, and I mean FULL 3 days. The other coaches are really knowledgeable, really helpful and wonderful people. This is a solid group and I am happy to be a part of it.  This is real advice, from real successful people.  I’m moving forward now to the Ultimate Business Retreat.  There is so much to learn that we don’t know.  It’s time to get busy
The law requires that I wear a seat belt.  That’s a good thing because JT Foxx is launching me into the universe!
I’m bringing my new platform to the world, and in a big way.  If you’re in Anaheim in November, you’ll hear it for yourself.  If you’re not there, you’ll see it, read it, and be a part of it.

Oh, by the way, this is getting to be a lot of fun……………